3 kva front3 kva front

3 KVA / 3000 Watt 220v to 110v


Make Maxine  
Type Auto Wound
Transformer Toroid  Transformer 100 % Copper Wound
Kva 3  3000 watts
Body Type Metal
Wall Mountable Yes

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Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 24 x 31 x 11.5 cm


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Socket American Compatible Universal (Can Plug : Us, Japan, Indian ,Australia, China Etc.
No Of Socket 2  behind the Servo Stablizer
Mains Cord 2 ( 1 Amp Meter 2nd Output Volt meter) Indian Standard
Led Light 1 For On Indication
Input Voltage 140v to 220v
Output Voltage 110v +- 1%
Out Put Hz (Indian Standard) Can’t Be Changed
Cutoff Cutoff when input above 270v out put will cut @ 125v For safty
Colour As Seen On Photo
Efficiency 100% Starting Current 80% Full Load 24 Hrs. Operation
Noise Noise when heavy flucation only ( feabel noise)